Getting Stress Attacks Every Time You See New Acne Popping Up?

Want To Remove Them Forever?

Finally, You Can Clear Your Skin With This AMAZING Therapy Wand That Actually Eliminates Acne, Permanently.

It Was About Time The Beauty Industry Got Turned On Its Head!

Yes, You CAN Permanently Remove Acne From Your Life, Without Painful Treatments Or Toxifying Medication.

This PCPC-Approved Dermal Therapy Kit

Livens Up And Smoothens Your Skin

Without The Risk Of Inflammation Or Scar Formation!

You’ll Learn To Leverage Revolutionary Therapy And Its Benefits For Erasing Acne That Stem From Decade-Long Research:

✓ How To Permanently Win The Battle Against Acne — Using Trail-Blazing Epidermal Therapy

✓ How You Can Rejuvenate Your Facial Features — By Using Argon — And Benefit From A Superb Anti-Aging Treatment

✓ What Natural Element Prevents Skin Deterioration The Most — Highly Stable Neon Gas 

✓ Why You Should Utilize Your Game-Changing Skin Treatment Daily — Stimulated Blood Flow Provides Incredible Benefits

✓ How You Can Stabilize The Way Your Facial Skin Behaves — By Encouraging New Cells Growth

The following information will change everything you thought you knew about skincare…

Even highly advertised face treatments fail to cleanse, purify, and strengthen skin to the point of it becoming completely acne-free. 

This means that no matter what regular anti-acne product you choose, you’ll get incomplete results, at best.

And who wants to spend money, energy, and time only to have acne stubbornly reappear?

Luckily, there’s an addition that completes the process!

See, the beauty industry is hiding what everyone has known for years: regular solutions just don’t remove acne permanently. 

They keep hiding it, even though it’s obvious — skin becomes increasingly reactive as it ages and inadequate treatment attempts simply aren’t enough.

Let’s start being honest, because…

Your Body Is Sentient, And It Understands You Deeply.

What You Feel Projects Onto Your Skin, Forming A Vicious Circle

When you look in the mirror, does your skin glow with health and intrinsic beauty? 

Well, it deserves to. And you deserve it, too.

The frustration of reappearing acne takes its toll. The stress they cause makes them reappear, perpetuating the pattern. 

Sadness, anger, disappointment… All those emotions emerge on your skin. It’s like the skin is telling you to take it easy because you deserve better.

And you DO deserve better. You deserve THE BEST.

Now finally, you can set your mind at ease knowing your skin is receiving unparalleled treatment. 

You’re about to discover an awe-inspiring addition that your skin routine was missing

You have the irrevocable right to feel good about yourself. No one can deny you that.

Yet there’s a perpetuating obstacle in your way.

An obstacle that at times seems insurmountable. It can mercilessly shake your confidence, and make you feel inadequate.

The red swellings that appear on the skin, acne — they’re a serious foe. 

To beat them, the treatment of colossal efficiency needs to be mixed in. An additional treatment that cements itself in the foreground, and stands out as the ONLY one that can help.

So what’s this High-Frequency acne healing, what does it do extra that purifies my skin?

Meet the Primalderm™ High-Frequency Therapy.

Significantly different from over-the-counter skincare products, High-Frequency Therapy employs nature’s elements in their purest form. 

By utilizing the clinically proven benefits of Argon and Neon to the skin, High-Frequency tranquilizes your face, with an important effect.

And that effect? It's what you’re craving to see. 

Healthy, smooth, and clear skin.

Rather than using just rub-on correctives like creams or ointments, your skin also gets the deepest treatment ever available.

Powered by a small electrical current, High-Frequency stimulates the skin’s blood flow, by varying in frequency between 50-60Hz, leading to marvelous results. 

After employing nature’s elements to improve skin health, you’ll immediately notice significant transformations.

Those elements? Argon and Neon, are both clinically tested for safety and effectiveness.

When radiating with a 50-60Hz frequency over your skin, Argon’s ultraviolet light emits a strong anti-bacterial effect onto your skin. The low amount of UV light doesn’t damage the skin at all. It's quite the contrary. 

The Argon electrode eliminates bacterial build-up, leaving space for nothing other than regeneration. The additional anti-fungal effect does away with any unwanted cultures on your face. You’ll truly ripen into your best form.

To further complement Argon’s effects, Neon accumulates a different, yet important, set of benefits that were once the stuff of dreams for women that sought out rejuvenation and everlasting youth.

By encouraging cell regeneration, Neon reverses the aging process.

Proven to boost collagen production, it smoothes out the epidermis while simultaneously tightening it. By stimulating facial blood flow, Neon increases cell turnover, making it nature’s best anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Even with all of this, they have a more important effect…

Both Argon & Neon remedy acne superbly!

When they’re combined through High-Frequency therapy, they become a woman’s silver bullet against skin inflammation, due to their steadfast purging effects.

Your days with stubborn facial blemishes are over. These powerful natural elements will remove them from your life like a tree shedding its leaves in the fall.

Just mere weeks after starting High-Frequency therapy, you’ll leave acne in the dust. And they’ll be gone with the wind, never to return.

Instead of just using skincare products, only to have the acne return, you’ll celebrate your skin’s youthful and alluring look. Like you deserve to do.

I’m With You So Far; But Has It Helped Other Women With The Same Condition?

Here’s what Melissa went through…

“When I was in high school, other girls envied my skin. They were getting zits, and my skin was so pure. My Grandma used to joke that I look like a Disney princess. I was so young.

Then when I got to college, I could see some changes, but it was nothing alarming. I started a skincare routine, and it had some results. Then after I got my law degree, my life started spiraling downward. 

Even though the employment market is tough, I got a job quickly. However, it was stressful. And the stress of being a newbie in a law office was bursting out of me. I started getting acne, and I was shocked. I even wished I got them in high school instead of now. 

When the acne got serious, I doubled down on my skincare routine. It somewhat worked, don’t get me wrong. It just didn’t give permanent results, and acne would always come back. Sadly, the routine just wasn’t doing much. 

Then a friend of mine recommended some kind of wand, and she told me it cleared both her face and her back, making her life livable again. I had to give it a shot. 

Incredibly, I started seeing results after just a week of using it! I thought to myself: “This is perfect for all the women out there!”, and I still think that.

I continued using my products though. I got used to them, and I just don’t want to give them up. But this wand makes that a double positive. The thing is, its magic works best in sync with regular skincare. It’s just like you have a filled bottle you don’t want to spill, and using the wand is like putting a cork in it!

I stuck to using them, and day by day, all the acne retreated. After a few weeks, my face was just glowing. And most importantly, after a few months of use (I still use it from time to time), my skin is even better than it was in high school!”

Look, all around the world, women are living a recurring nightmare. 

Their day starts normally. Then, during the morning routine, they feel a lump forming under the skin. Another red swelling is breaking out on the skin’s surface.

You know the feeling. Waking up content, only to have the day ruined by an obnoxious skin inflammation that’s been haunting you for ages. 

Then, in a last-ditch effort, they jump to what their friends recommend and seek out High-Frequency treatment. 

And that’s the last piece of the treatment puzzle they ever need.


Given its effectiveness, it’s no wonder women are willing to pay $250 for a single therapy like this. But there’s something you shouldn’t allow…

Don’t Let The Beauty Industry Use Your Desire To

“Become The Best Version Of Yourself”

As An Excuse To RIP YOU OFF!

Fortunately, the innovators at Primalderm™ were determined to bring this convenience to women’s homes, at a minimal cost. Chief designers sought to provide incredible results, for the fraction of the usual price. And they did it!

The premium High-Frequency wand gives you all the benefits of professional epidermal cleansing in the comfort of your own home. All this is thanks to the altruistic passion that drives the decision-makers that run Primalderm™.

The crown of their achievement is worn by the people who it was developed for — women all over the world who’ve overcome frustrating acne after years of trying to suppress and irradicate it.

That crown? Healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin.

That’s exactly what I need! Where do I go from here?

Being well-intentioned as they are, the developers of High-Frequency therapy dream of helping everyone who’s trying to win the fight against acne. 

To make that dream a reality, every person needing to permanently erase acne from their life had to easily afford home treatment, without breaking the bank.

The good news is — they’ve found a way to make that happen!

Overcoming a whole set of technical challenges, the engineers behind the High-Frequency wand managed to make it budget-friendly, while improving the effects of therapy!

Of course, even with its affordability, consistent use is key for enjoying the full benefits of the High-Frequency wand. Once you get the hang of routine use of High-Frequency therapy, you’ll be seeing changes on your skin daily.

There are over 20,000 happy customers all around the world.

Follow these instructions at home, and enjoy your skin’s improved healing:

Step 1: Wash and dry your face before treatment

Step 2: Insert the electrode into the wand

Step 3: Use circular motions in the treatment area for 3-5 minutes

Step 4: Clean the detached electrode with warm water and antibacterial soap 

Professional Tip: Apply a gentle moisturizer for added skin softness 

Just imagine. Having the ultimate beautifying treatment available, at any time.

For that to happen, all you need to do is commit to your enjoying your health, forever.

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