If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep, Take Stress More Often, or Have a Poor Diet - Your Skin Is The One Who Gets Directly Affected!

Solution: Primalderm™ High-frequency Therapy helps you get the TREATMENT your skin needs & beyond that!

Spoiler Alert: This Nifty Little Tool Will Become Your New Skincare Obsession!

Fact-Check: Do you know high-frequency therapy saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as you treat ACNE & various other skin conditions in the comfort of your home?

Say Goodbye To Painful & Expensive Skincare Treatments and Procedures!

High-frequency therapy offers a gentle and safe alternative to dramatic plastic surgeries, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, collagen and botox injections, and other invasive skin rejuvenation procedures.

DISCLOSURE: We spent the Last Three Months Testing the Best-Selling High-Frequency Therapy Devices on the Market and we recommend the following DO’s & DON'Ts based on the tests!

DO’s | DON’Ts


➡ You should use the device no more than once a day.

➡ Be sure your skin is cleansed, and remove all metal jewelry on your head and neck.

➡ Up to 3-4 sessions per week are recommended.

➡ Each session should take around 5 minutes.


➡ You should not use a high-frequency wand if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, have heart rhythm abnormalities, or have any seizure disorders.

➡ Avoid using a high-frequency wand if you have rosacea or melasma because they can worsen redness, blushing, and flushing. Plus, the heat can worsen your hyperpigmentation.

➡ To avoid irritation and redness, you should skip using any products containing retinoids, retinol, and acids after treatment.

So what basically high-frequency therapy is?

Enriched oxygen molecules are produced during the high-frequency treatment, creating an anti-bacterial action and a “natural” thermal tissue warming.

The reaction helps your blood vessels push away toxins while the cells in your skin are enriched with nutrients and hydrating volume.

This, in turn, increases blood circulation and cell renewal, supporting increased collagen and elastin levels.

AFTER JUST ONE TREATMENT, your skin is left feeling instantly energized and noticeably softer.

With over 20,000+ Happy Customers, it’s not hard to know the secret to why customers keep coming back to our Primalderm™ High-Frequency Therapy.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Primalderm High-Frequency Therapy, Even After Trying Tons Of Others!

1) An Improvement In Acne

Do you know sometimes the body can become immune to certain acne medications if used over an extended period?

Solution: When combined with an effective acne treatment lotion, regular application of Primalderm keeps the acne at bay after other expensive medications and treatments can fail.

Primalderm gently cleanses the skin of unwanted toxins & acne-causing bacteria while making the skin more receptive to acne creams and other skin treatment products.

2) A Reduction in Enlarged Pores & Blackheads

With regular use, Primalderm can effectively reduce the size of enlarged pores, control excess sebum production, soften skin, and eliminate blackheads.

The gentle spray of oxygen molecules produced by the high-frequency current diminishes enlarged pores by penetrating deep down into the root of the affected area and cleaning out unwanted toxins & debris, allowing the pore to regain its natural size again quickly.

3) Bye Bye Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Sagging Skin

The oscillating action of Primalderm increases blood circulation, nourishing the skin's surface and renewing underlying cells.

It produces an enriched form of oxygen, providing the skin with a healthy, vibrant, and youthful glow.

It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, tightens double chins and jowls, and improves overall skin texture and tone by promoting increased collagen production.

4) A Reduction in Eye Puffiness

The pulsating "oxygenation" action produced by Primalderm current aids lymphatic drainage and disperses excess fluid while increasing blood circulation.

The result is a reduced appearance of congested, tired, puffy eyes. Primalderm also helps the skin absorb skin care products more efficiently, extending their effectiveness.

5) A Fading of Dark Eye Circles

Primalderm creates a circulation rush in the eye area and helps your current under-eye product penetrate deeper into the skin tissue.

The application of high frequency can be highly effective at fading dark under-eye circles resulting in a fresher, brighter, more youthful appearance.

6) Kills Bacteria & Reduces Signs Of Aging

Primalderm oxygenates the skin's surface, kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation, and contracts blood vessels, minimizing inflamed, red skin.

This treatment also aids in reducing signs of aging, shrinking pores, and stopping persistent acne in its tracks.

Not Only This; We Have 4 Types Of Wands - For Remarkable Results!

  1. The Tongue & Bent (Dot-point) Tube: The probe set is designed to treat dark circles or bags for hard-to-reach areas such as under your eyes.

  2. The Bent (Dot-Point) Tube: Use this probe to treat acne and acne scars and other skin flaws that need spot treatment.

  3. The Mushroom Tube: This probe treats facial skin, the most significant area prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet. It stimulates collagen production that fills in the gaps in the skin.

  4. Comb Tube: This probe was designed to contact the scalp and hair to stimulate hair follicles, achieve thicker, healthier hair growth, and reduce dandruff.

Curious About The Price? Stop Fretting! Let Us Do The Math For You!

A high-frequency facial at a spa can range from $100 to $200 per treatment, and it is recommended to receive this treatment at least three times a week. 

So if we do the math for you, you get unlimited sessions for the price of one Primalderm High-Frequency Therapy!

It costs less than $80; Yes, you heard us right!

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So, grab your Primalderm High-Frequency Therapy now and get a new skin sensation like never before!

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